Bed Bugs Control Services in Kenya

Bed Bugs Control Services in Kenya

Our bed bugs control services in Kenya uses the latest technology to completely exterminate bed bugs and its eggs. We offer Bed bugs fumigation and control services in Nairobi,Kiambu and Machakos. Our technicians are able to identify and completely exterminate bed bugs in your homes and office giving you a piece of mind. We use steam technology to expose the bedbug to a very high temperature which completely destroys this pest and its eggs. We also use chemicals which are environmental friendly. Because of its nature our bed bugs control services advice that the process is done two times. This is done at an interval of one to two weeks. After the process we give a guarantee, after which the third time we fully cater for the whole cost. Over many years, our bed bugs control services in Kenya has been very effective by the feedback we get from our clients. Is your house or office infested with bed bugs? Don’t worry our Technician will come and examine the level of infestation and advice on how the bed bug procedure should be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Our bed bugs control services process will involve two visit. The first visit is to exterminate the living bed bugs. The cycle visit we give a period of one to two weeks to allow the eggs to hutch then we come for the second visit. This we do so to be absolutely sure that the problem is completely eradicated then we can give a guarantee to our clients. Try our bed bug control services and you will not be disappointed.

Bed Bugs Control Services in Kenya

Bed can be found anywhere in a home; however, the most likely places bed bugs are found are in mattresses, box springs, bed frames and couches. The living room or den is the place where families and friends congregate. Since we spend so much time on our couches, a blood meal is always available for a bed bug.


Today, it’s not unlikely that bed bugs are often found in our couches. And since bed bugs don’t want to travel too far to get a blood meal, they will stay in the couch until no one sits there and when hungry will search for a meal. They smell the CO2 you breathe and come running. That is how they get from the couch to the bed -or- from the bed to the couch.

Bed bugs will crawl to find you or cling to your clothes and “hitchhike” from room to room.
One of the biggest regrets people have when finding bed bugs, is throwing their furniture away. Especially when they don’t have an infestation but only a few bed bugs. Replacement costs for a couch can be very expensive! And if you do replace it without getting rid of all bed bugs, it too will get re-infested in a short time.

That is where our Bed Bugs Fumigation and Control Services in Nairobi, Kiambu and Machakos come in. We do a thorough fumigation and cleaning to totally get rid of all bed bugs. Also, our Bed Bugs Fumigation and Control Services in Nairobi ensures that you won’t have to incur the extra cost of having to buy a new coach. Which will be infested with bed bugs again.

Therefore, investing in a bed bug proof couch encasement sure beats having to throw out expensive furniture! A lot of times, a pest control company will request that you throw out certain pieces of furniture. But that is not killpezts Bed Bugs Fumigation and Control Services in Nairobi, Kiambu and Machakos. We understand that not always is this necessary, especially if you can’t afford to replace it. We just get rid of the bed bugs and keep your furniture.